Monday, January 30, 2012

Farm Dogs

Blackie and Coco in the barn while I milk

When kids come out to Novellas Farm they meet all the animals except for our 2 old dogs, Blackie and Coco. They can be found tied up under the trees in the front away from everything.
These two dogs have not done anything wrong exactly, but as they say, " you can take the dog out of the city, but you can't take the city out of the dog" The thing is we got both of them from shelters in the city, and that is where they grew up, in the city.

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Blackie and Coco are really good dogs, they have never hurt a chicken, they have actually herded the cows for me when they got loose,  and they are very, very protective. Ironically, it is this last good trait that lands them in the proverbial "Dog House"

Before moving here we lived in Austin, in a hip area known as Bouldin Creek. It was cool, groovy, crowded and very active. The complete opposite of where we live now! Any way what was good dog behavior in our old place is not so good out here. For instance here we don't need a dog to scare strangers away and maybe even bite them if they don't leave fast enough. ( although sometimes....) In Austin I could let my little kids play in  the yard and know Blackie and Coco would bark like mad if any one tried to enter the yard with them, "Good Dog"

So..... when kids come out to Novellas Farm  for the day I just keep these two out of trouble by keeping them tied up.... like  criminals.

The really unfair thing is that the Dachsunds, Jasmine and Maggie,  (the true criminals) are treated like celebrities. They wriggle out the door and get hugged and loved by all the children. These are the same dogs that have routinely killed chickens for sport and look for the next opportunity at all times. They do nothing but eat, sleep, bark, kill chickens and get loved.

I  guess the balance comes when  no one is visiting and Blackie and Coco hang out following me around.
They love to be in the barn at milking (by the way, all animals love sweet feed). They accompany me on all my chores, in the garden, cleaning pens, they run ahead and circle back to me as if to say "hurry!
what takes you so long?"

It is kind of nice, I really like having dogs that run loose with me during the day and keep me company.
Blackie and Coco are the kind of dogs that belong on a farm.
Good Dogs!


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