Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Novellas First Birthday Party

pretty table
About a week ago I had a lady call me.
She had heard about the farm and thought it might be a fun place to host her daughters 8th birthday

At one time I posted birthday parties on the web site, but I never had any interest so I quietly removed it from the listings.

When this mom called I told her I had not had any parties yet. She would be the guinea pig, so to speak.

I gave her a few choices of activities, and they chose to milk the cows, make ice cream and make scarecrows.

a small fire to take the chill away
On the day of the party the weather was chilly so we built a fire.

As kids started to arrive, I showed them around the farm. They loved the chickens and turkeys.

We milked the cows,  not all the kids wanted to, but that was OK.
They all enjoyed making the ice cream, which we saved to go with the birthday treat.

Then each child made a scarecrow.
At first the Mom's  just watched, but after a bit we were all helping, which was really nice. I think it is more fun for the kids when the parents are involved and not just watching.

Next there was  a scavenger hunt arranged by the birthday girl's parents. 

Long story short the day was a success! Of course everyone stayed late ( no one ever leaves here on time, just too much fun).

In fact one woman asked if I rented out rooms to  stay the weekend. As a sort of retreat!

I think one thing people enjoy when they come out here is simply being out of the city. Austin is a great place.
I love visiting, but there is just so much going on, all that energy, so many people, so many rules, traffic...
 Novellas is a place for adults and kids to just let down their guard for a bit.

Very nice.

If you would like to have an event here at Novellas, please contact me, I would love to work something out
for you.

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