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November Happenings at Novellas Farm

Heres whats on the Horizon for November

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Saturday Farm Day
November 10,17  9am-1pm
This is a day for families who are busy during the week.
We will do all the same things we do in the usual farm days; milk the cow, make a dairy product, learn about
the worms, chickens and eggs, observe the bees, see inside the hive and much more.
This is also just a great way to get out of town to enjoy the day.
Sack lunch is encouraged 

Farm Days

November 7,9, 13,15, 27

October 30 a special Halloween/Fall Day

We will milk the cow, make scarecrows, and honey/cream dipped apples
on sticks.  A very laid back way to enjoy the Fall weather.

AM til 1:30 PM (sack lunch is encouraged)

Farm Days are offered for those folks who would prefer to not make a commitment to repeat trips out to the farm, but would still like to learn about everything we have to offer.
(well almost everything)

We will
  • milk a cow
  • make butter or ice cream
  • learn all about chickens and eggs
  • find out all about earthworms, how to use their castings and how to set up a worm farm,  and take home a small  worm jar to take home and get your child started,
  • learn about composting, how to get your pile hot!
  • spend time in the garden and learn how to get your own garden going

 Farm Mornings Fall of 2012
each morning focuses on a different animal or element of the farm 
Fridays in September
Wednesdays in October
Mondays in November

2 1/2 hours
9 to 11:30am

Bees:  We will learn about the social structure of the honey bee colony, look at the parts of the hive, observe the bees working in their hive and finish up with an activity to reinforce the lesson

Cows: We will begin this morning with meeting the cows, learn about their anatomy inside and out.  We will milk the cow, learn about many products we get from cows, and finish the day with making a delicious food from the milking.

Chickens, worms and eggs:  We will learn their anatomy, about flock behavior, discover the structure of the egg and many other interesting facts about these animals.
We will also learn about the role the earth worm plays here on the farm. Each child will take home a worm farm.


The Garden/Soil/Compost: On this day we will learn how to put in a garden, how to start our seeds, site selection, how to make compost, and casting tea. We will learn where seeds come from the importance of pollinators and much more.
Each child will take home seedlings and seed boxes to watch the process of seeds sprouting.

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