Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Fall Garden

Beans and squash
Here in Texas we have 2 gardening seasons.
Fall and Summer.

The only thing is that summers have been so very hot. Africa hot. for the last few years.

If I remember correctly the summer before last we had something like 60 days over a hundred degrees?
With like, no rain at all?  Does that sound right?
(I try to forget)  And this last summer, although it wasn't quite as bad it was pretty rough.

I am beginning to think it is the new normal.
 So one must make the most of the Fall garden here in Texas.

This year  I was so eager to plant the fall garden I
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put it in too early( although I was within the recommended planting dates.) Many of my seedlings just burned
up!  The dates that we used to follow are just not accurate any more.

Right now I am harvesting yellow squash, zucchini,
green beans, tomatoes, lettuce and spinach.

Soon the squash and beans will be coming out and in their place will go the broccoli , brussel sprouts,
beets, swiss chard and of course more carrots, spinach and lettuce of all types.

So... my point is this, it is not too late for you to put in a garden for this fall! Sure you are too late for some things but if you put in lettuce, spinach, kale, broccoli, chard or any other things I mentioned you could have fresh veggies for your family all through the winter.

This is the best time for the Texas garden don't miss it.!

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