Friday, June 27, 2014

A Texas Outing

 Yesterday I went with my husband Jerry to
Llano.. (related to Llama?)

He was invited to be the guest player at the Thursday night singer/songwriter get together.

He had asked me ages ago to go with him and I
had never committed, but my daughter was with a friend and my sons are older now so I had no reason not to.

Besides I"m making an effort lately to do more.
I don't mean just do more I mean to get out and
about more. You know... get out of my comfort zone a bit. I've been getting a bit strange lately to be honest...kind of hermitty.

Ok, so off we went and even though Llano is not a big deal I haven't been there in more time than I care to say.... it still counts for an outing.

It took us a bit over an hour to get there and then I insisted on playing the tourist a bit and stopping to take a few photos.

Llano has one of those darling little downtowns from a movie set. It's a darling little place.

 Jerry was playing at a place called The Badu House. He was out on the patio.

We had a tasty little meal on the house..( always nice)

 Watched the host and his buddy play for the first hour....

Then it was Jerry's turn. My stomach always turns
when he gets up on stage. I fully expect him to cry and run off the stage, oh wait! that's me who wants to do that.

He did great.

Here's the beautiful Llano river,
A darling town,
lovely people
good fun
and water! what more could you ask for?

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