Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Art Display

This last weekend I started hanging my art work up at Thai Fresh.

As it turned out there was a bit more to this than I realized...and well, it's turned into an ongoing event.

I think I should have everything up by next weekend.. and then it will be officially open!

Here are a few pictures I got up and labeled.

I really love these two, the rabbit is Bonnie my Flemish Giant, and the dachshund is kind of based on Jasmine, although the coloring is different.( the thing about these dogs is really, they all look alike)
What I like about them is how great the Cedar shows through the paint... in my opinion they are some of the best.  They look great above a door way... Just saying.
The restaurant is pretty big, and these are hanging in the back room.

On the morning I showed up poor Jam was struggling with a broken fridge door and she had forgotten to ask the previous artists to take down their work, so I kind of worked within the confines of what I had available.

Any way it was still pretty good, Jerry was able to fix her broken door and few other things, which was
good for me because obviously her mood improved
and it's always good to help each other, yes?

Ok, so these little hens right here, I titled them
Maxine and Jennitta. After my Mom and Aunt, to this day my 85 year old Mom thinks she's the fat one and her sister, Jennitta is so thin and tall....guess who's who..

I hung a few more on Monday and will be popping in during the slow times (before lunch and dinner) this next week and as I said by next weekend I'm good to go.

But there are already around 20 up,  so please stop by and take a look if you find yourself in the neighborhood. I priced everything pretty fairly but if there is something you love but you're having a short month call or email and I know we can work something out..
These creations are my babies but I have so many more that want to be born.... and if you don't want to own any just take a look and hopefully you'll enjoy them.

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