Friday, February 13, 2015

Making Art

cow crying, watercolor on wood 11"x 24"
In about a week I will be hanging some art work up at a restaurant in Austin, called Thai Fresh.

My husband Jerry has a relationship with the owner and I would imagine that's why she so readily agreed to to allow me to hang my work, sight unseen as it is.

Actually I have been surprised with how much actual work making art involves. I mean it's work, it's not hard but it takes time.

First I have to select the wood I want to use, then I spend time just with the board sitting around where I will see it for a while until I begin to see something in the pattern of the grain, or the knots... you know what I mean? It's a bit like seeing something in the clouds...

Jerry asked me last night when I started on these paintings. It was the law suit that prompted me to just doodle on a piece of wood he was tossing out.. you know just something to take my mind off things.

Now though I find myself drawing and painting for different reasons.. like this picture of the cow crying.
I'm the one crying and it's actually a painting about missing my girls...the whole process is kind of personal.

Ok, so who knew art could be like this? I didn't I'm sure others have made this discovery but it's a new one for me..

I hope it won't bore you to see more of these, I want to show them and please comment if you like.
Also, I set up a Facebook page, called Amy's Art please "like" it .... my kids tell me it's a good thing.

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