Wednesday, May 1, 2013

at the entrance on Friday
This weekend I went to the beach.

It was just my Mom and my kids. I usually invite my Mom to go with us when it is just the kids and me, she really can't go by herself, it is up to my siblings and me to take her on trips.

 My husband had to stay at home with the animals. I am also aware of the fact that when we go out of town it is like a little vacation for him.

Seeing as the cows are due to have calves this  month I really felt like I had to take advantage of the opportunity to get away for a few days.

When a cow is milking I have to be home all the time, or have a calf nursing to relieve me of milking.
 I quickly made reservations to rent a small house in Port Aransas for a few days.

When we arrived at the Real Estate office to pick up the keys, the agent told me it was Sand Fest!!!
I myself had no idea what that meant.
Set up and ready 
 Well let me tell you, what it means is a ton of people having an actual festival on the beach.
Vendors setting up booths, lots of booths with all that sand! And the cars! oh my goodness!
On Friday I walked over with my daughter from the
square end of the beach ( we are squares) to look
around, and we saw all these piles of sand set up for the sculptors to work on.. as you can see there is no fence around them here on Friday.

So on Saturday we thought we would go down again, along with my 83 year old mother to see how things were getting along.
We set out to drive at first, but realized there was absolutely no parking, period.

the one i could see
No problem, we would just walk slowly down the beach, for the few miles and look around. We set off, very, very slowly ( 83 year old mom is not fast). Finally we arrived and guess what?
There was a fence all around the sculptors! and a sign saying 3.00 entrance fee!  Now I would have happily paid the 3.00 but for some reason I don't keep my wallet in my swim suit, and I don't carry my purse on the beach!

This is the only sculptor I could get a shot of.... it made me wonder about the venders.... how much money could they possibly make? Oh and the band,
is the salt air really good for the instruments?
Am I the only person who wandered down there and had to turn around and say forget it! ?

That night it rained, and I thought about all the people who had worked so hard! I just don't get it.
It takes all kinds as they say.

Myself , I had a wonderful time. There is nothing like the sounds of the beach, the ocean, the birds ( I love pelicans) the dolphin ( yep there were still some at this time of year)
But I am glad to be home too.  My foolish boys got way too much sun, it was time to go.

I am glad Novella has not had her calf, she's due this weekend.  May 5th actually...
Will keep you posted.

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