Sunday, May 26, 2013

New Things

Worm casting tea bags and bulk

I have been working on getting some products  together to sell to nurseries and here on my web site.

I had thought about it before, but I was  selling  a few things on Craigslist.. and I just figured it was enough...then I got a call from a nursery that wanted to know how many worm castings I could produce. They said they were buying from out of state and  Dallas..they were hoping  to find a local source.

I would say that is when I seriously realized that I could produce a viable product that I could actually sell, legally!!!

My daughter has been my companion as I have worked through the permits, licenses, packaging (no plastic Please!!) , pricing, design... and I foolishly told her I was going  into Austin early in the week to take some things around to a few stores.

 I tried to weasel out of it, but she insisted so I loaded up the car and went to a few locations....  I got no affirmatives, but I survived.. and next time it will be easier.

 I have done a lot of things in my life, but this is the most challenging by  far. This is really stretching me. The idea of going into a store and asking strangers  to buy or carry my product is scary... I don't know exactly why. The idea of rejection I suppose.

But... I am not going to give up I am working on methods to produce  greater quantities and getting a bar code so I can approach larger places....

It made me think about my Dad who was a traveling salesman, among other things.. I had a few conversations with him in spirit. It made me realize what a brave man he was...

My products will be listed on the web page very soon along with some things Juliette made and is going to try to sell to pay for her trip with the girl scouts next year.

Wish us luck... Please.

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