Tuesday, May 21, 2013

When my oldest son was little he was fascinated with tornadoes.

He had a tornado in a bottle, and was always swirling things up.. and he would put little toys in the bottle, people, cars, animals and make them all get caught up in the tornado.

He just loved them... . He knew all about it, the sounds they made, the eerie  color before the storm, how strong they were...

One day after school we were under a tornado warning, and he was terrified.. because he knew all about what might happen.

The next morning his teacher asked "how did Ian react to the tornado?"  I told her he had cried and tried to hide. Neither of us realized until then that he was fascinated with them, but he didn't like them.. he was amazed at what their potential was....

Yesterday Oklahoma got hit by a tornado that killed at least 90 people  The storm hit 15 minutes after the warning siren went off, and school  was in session.  Families were separated. Kids and parents were not together.... I can not imagine not knowing how my kids were during something like this...

I guess I am writing this to suggest that we all take a moment to remember these people who were affected
by this tornado and to say a silent prayer. A prayer of thanks for all the good in the world, for the people we love. Also a prayer for all the families suffering  in Oklahoma, but not just there, all over the world.
A prayer about when the good Lord does not keep us safe, say a prayer for us all, to realize how much we need each other. Keep your children close.


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