Saturday, July 19, 2014

Goodbye Old Friend

 On Tuesday night Jasmine ( our Dachsund) started crying.. really loud and for no obvious reason, but she was in great pain.

So I made an appointment and took her to the vet on Wed. evening. The last appointment of the day...
She is fine, the doctor could find nothing wrong with her, she's probably just getting old.

But I got a call from my oldest son while I was at the vet's office.
"I ran over Blackie!, I didn't know he was under the car, I ran over Blackie, I'm so sorry!!!"

"OK, where is he now?"
" He limped under the trailer"

I told my son to calm down and get to his class, ( which is why he was leaving and had run over the poor old dog...)

I figured the fact Blackie had limped to the trailer was a positive sign...

When I got home he was under the trailer, I thought it best to
leave him alone a bit and see if he decided to come out. So after about 30 minutes I went out, kneeled by the trailer and talked to him, and that poor old boy tried to follow me when I got up to go in to call the emergency vet.

He crawled out and cried out in the most horrible way then he collapsed...

I made a pillow for his head and had to wait for my middle son to get off work to help me load Blackie into the car.

We had to kind of slide him onto a piece of ply wood to keep him from moving.. we got him loaded up and my older son showed up early from class, so we all headed into Austin to the all night vet,
which I unfortunately know too well.

Those people are so kind, they are just so kind.

Long story short, he was in so much pain and at 12 years of age
we elected to put him down. I felt so guilty.

Look at these photos, isn't he cute? I wish I could have given him a better home, a better life... but we do the best we can.

I do believe animals have souls, and he's in a better place.
A place with no pain, no fleas and soft dry beds.

I'm going to miss you.

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