Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Apple Fell by the Tree

a beautiful, kind, young woman
You know, what I do is an awful lot of work. I feed animals, keep them watered, manage their grazing, milk, collect eggs, clean pens, miss out on vacations ..and on and on.....

The primary reason I do all this work may be a surprise..
it isn't actually because the products are healthier, although they are, no the reason is for peace of mind. Years ago I was a vegetarian and I still really only eat meat we have raised and slaughter ourselves.

I was vegetarian because I learned about the way animals in our
industrial food system are raised. It broke my heart and I wanted no part of it... but I ate dairy ( I had no idea how horribly dairy animals are treated). I learned about this as an adult...

So fast forward to today... I know my dairy is being produced by animals who are well treated and cared for, my eggs come from chickens getting sunshine, and being allowed to be chickens as God made them.... in short our animal products are clean in a karmic way..

Naturally I have taught my kids about the food industry, they need to be aware of what their consumer habits support. It isn't only about monetary price, there are other kinds of  "price" to consider.

Juliette won't wear cosmetics that have been animal tested, and is really thinking about what she wears..leather and such... and also the entertainment industry..

While on her recent Girl Scout trip the girls attended a dolphin viewing tour. They went out on a boat and
the guide showed them  dolphin mamas and babies in the wild. Did you know the mother dolphin stays awake for 30 days after giving birth to be sure their helpless baby is safe?.. I didn't.

Today Juliette saw on facebook that a friend had gone to Sea World and she started thinking about the animals there, and what their lives are like.. I was working of course and she was helping me when I looked up and saw she was crying. " Why don't people think of any other animals but themselves she asked?"

While I'm sad she has to feel pain about anything, I'm proud of her and the woman she's becoming.
I'm proud she has developed compassion for other creatures, she used to not really  understand why I was doing what I do, but she gets it now, and she respects it.

As they say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
Oh and please do consider signing this petition that was sent to my email today.


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