Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 Living in Gratitude

Happy 2016! 

Thus begins a year of gratitude...
Day 1: I am grateful for my beginnings... my parents.

My parents were actually pretty average, but to me and most of my siblings we think they were the best.. I think the primary thing they did for us as their children was to appear madly in love with each other.

My father passed away when he was far too young. I believe he was not quite 70. I was 30 and my oldest child was 6 months at the time. He died of cancer. I recall my dad at home ( he was receiving Hospice), any way I recall him sitting up in his bed, looking at my mom and telling her how pretty she looked.... he's dying and he wants her to know he still sees her as a beautiful woman...that's what I remember about my dad...

Now that I'm older I realize they were both way too young to be parents.. I mean really all parents are just people... without a clue.. just winging it the best they can....and it's all about love. Love for each other, love for their children... and love for the life they live together..

I was born in 1963, which means my parents were products of the depression era, WWII, all that stuff....
My upbringing was fun, not perfect but I have to say I always felt loved...

So Mom and Dad, I say thanks for being the best parents you could be for me and for the rest of my made me who I am today...literally.
I love you both..
I am Grateful for having Maxine and Tom Bordelon for parents..

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