Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Thank God for Thrift Stores

 I'm sure I've mentioned that I am the youngest of 8 children....
My husband tops that by actually being one of ... 15 children..
and yes we are both Catholic... or were raised Catholic.. the fertile religion..

Anyway when I was a kid I wore basically 2 types of clothing.
School uniforms and" hand me downs".

Hand me downs are the clothes your older siblings and their friends have outgrown and are still considered to have some wear left in them.. It wasn't a big deal to me because  all of my friends were in the same situation...(parochial school).

I didn't really mind that my clothes were preworn... but it would have been kind of nice to have gotten to pick them out!

Basically though the reason we had to wear our siblings old clothes was a matter of stretching the old family wallet...

Enter the Thrift Store of today! Full of pre used clothes and other interesting and useful items!

I love going to thrift stores, it's fun, affordable, interesting ( as you really never know what you'll find), and green.

If I can save an item from being thrown out, and by not buying a new item it means I'm helping the planet, keeping it cleaner! and I get a bargain..

We just don't think about for instance how much water it takes to produce the cotton for the t shirts we wear..
If you have a moment check out this link

So... I guess I have to say...
I"m grateful I live in an area and in a time where it is easy and
acceptable to shop green at local thrift stores!

Ha! I bet I'm not alone!

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