Tuesday, January 19, 2016

My Weekend

This weekend was great.For startersiIt was, as we all know, a 3 dayer... which in itself is a bonus..
My daughter and I went to Fredericksburg to shop. Whilie we were there a cold front blew in.. It was cold as a "witchs' t--" . now, while the shopping was enjoyable the best part was thinking how great it was not to be set and trying to sell outside somewhere in the cold wind... I had actually considered signing up for a show this weekend, but my daughter suggested I wait for Spring.. .. I'm sooo glad I listened to her!

Afterwards we went to my sisters house in town and stayed the night. She's something of a hospitality expert... she always makes an outstanding meal(I owe her about 100 in return)... we had shrimp, salad, potatoes, corn and wine.. excellent end to a wonderful day... good food, and good company.

Then on Sunday on our way home we dropped by to visit Sunny and Mattie, who now live nearby.

They are lazy, fat and happy... and that was really wonderful to see....

 Just to be clear, there were a few not so great things that happened this weekend, like my husband almost cutting off his finger and it costing us over a 1000.00... but the upside to that is we had the money... and he has his thumb!

It's all in the way you look at things and the way I see it... things are pretty good.

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