Saturday, January 2, 2016

An Attitude of Gratitude.. Day 2

Today I want  to express my gratitude for Jerry, my husband.

This photo isn't very good, but I still like it makes me happy to see it..
Any way I am grateful to have my husband in my life.  Our relationship isn't always easy, and I'm not quite sure which one of us it is that makes it trying at times, but our relationship has made me a better, stronger person... and when we are getting along he's actually pretty amazing.

He can honestly do anything.. He can build a house, make anything, fix anything and figure out anything.. This guy is capable in everyway...( well not cooking, he'a not a good cook).

He is also an amazing musician, and the fact he has this artistic side that is always being denied for our benefit is not lost on me.. he is sacrificing for our family and I hope he knows I feel gratitude for what he does for us.
Jerry is the one who has always encouraged me to find what I want to be, even when I feel like giving up, he listens and cheers me up and tells me I can do it. To have someone who believes in me is such a gift, a blessing.

Oh yeah, one other thing... he made great kids with me... there's just somethings you can't do on your own...

Jerry, thanks for  everything! I love you and appreciate you!

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