Monday, January 4, 2016

Pedernales State Park

 School starts tomorrow, after 2 glorious weeks off... The anticipation of the end of the break has been, well not really good..This being the last day and it was so beautiful  we decided to go to the Pedernales State Park for the afternoon.

We hiked down to the falls and found a little trail that led down to the water, which was like a storybook picture...

Pedernales Park is pretty close by and we go there when we can..
it's actually pretty cool to be so near a place like this... In the summer we can swim in the river and in the Fall and Winter we can go to  hike and enjoy the scenery..

I am grateful to live so near, and that the powers that be have kept and preserved parks for we the public to enjoy...I gotta say, government aint all bad.....

 Tomorrow when Juliette is sitting in school, she can remember her day today and it will fortify her.

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