Friday, January 8, 2016

Seeing the Good in the Bad

This coming February will mark 2 years that my family was sued by our POA otherwise known as our "Phony HOA.".

I'll never forget the feeling of being served those papers. A rush of despair  flooded through me, I couldn't sleep, I cried, I worried, I lashed out, I spent hours and hours on the computer pouring over
possible loopholes to get ourselves out of the mess we seemed to have landed in...

Fast forward to today. We were blessed with a
an angel of an attorney, we have new wonderful neighbors and I have started a new I miss my cows? Yes of course, do I miss kids out here?
You bet... but things change. Change is a part of life, it's part of the journey, the path so to speak.

I honestly have to say that I am grateful for everything that has happened.. it sounds crazy but if my
journey had to include this lawsuit and this is what it took to bring me to where I am now... I guess I feel
gratitude for the experience...

I have learned a great deal from this whole ordeal. It's made me much, much stronger than I was before, it's caused me to meet neighbors I hadn't met before, and funny to say it's made this neighborhood more like an
actual neighborhood.. We have had to reach out and that's had a sort of ripple effect.

More than anything it's shown me how much my family, my husband, my kids, my friends love me. Everyone has been so supportive.

Lastly I/we met Bill Davis, our attorney. Just the greatest guy you could want to meet... I probably wouldn't have met him otherwise.

Reading this probably makes you think I'll  be sorry to have this whole thing end... yeah well .... not quite..
but it helps to look at the good if you can.. it's always there.

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